It is important to save oneself from committing the following ten offenses:

1. To have contempt or disrespect towards the guru who reveals the holy Dham.
2. To think that the holy Dham is temporary.
3. To consider the residents and visitors of the holy Dham as ordinary people.
4. To perform mundane activities while living in the holy Dham.
5. To earn money by worshipping the holy Deities and chanting the holy names.
6. To think that the holy Dham belongs to a mundane country or province or to believe that the Dham of the Lord is equal to an ordinary holy place or to      make an attempt to assess the area of the holy Dham.
7. To commit sinful deeds in the Dham.
8. To consider Vrindavan and Navadvip as different.
9. To blaspheme the sastras glorifying the holy Dham.
10. To be faithless and consider the glories of the Dham are imaginary.

Thousands of offenses we commit every day and night, but O Lord Krishna, please forgive us considering us as Your humble servants.