My Dear Maharajas and Prabhujis,
Please accept my humble obeisances . All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Now Kartika is upon us and I know many of you will be bringing your congregation for doing parikrama in Braja. I have one humble request that you do not used plastic plates and cups! My heart is sorely broken seeing all this plastic litter polluting all over our wonderful Braja Dhama!

Since 10 years, our Krishna Balaram Mandir does not use platic at all. We only use leafplates, leaf cups, and paper plates. These things will break down and become earth again very soon, whereas plastic takes 30,000 years to break down!! Not only is plastic polluting our Holy Dhama, but the cows eat it, become sick, and die! Since many years now, Radhanatha’s Swami’s yatra has given up plastic at my humble request and they come in the thousands! You all mainly have 2-3 buses, so it is not difficult problem to cooperate with us for this seva of saving Brajadhama from pollution.

At Vrinda Kunda, we have another problem. The dogs, the wind, and whatever scatters the plates into the fields and the farmers come and fight with us! They also know it will not break down and only ruin their fields. They never bothered us before plastic came along.

So this Kartika, it is my humble petition to please use only leafplates, leafcups, and paper cups. And I’m giving advance warning, WE WILL NOT ALLOW PLASTIC WHATSOVER AT Vrinda Kunda! If you don’t bring with you, you will have to take leafplates and leafcups from our Pujari, or you will not be permitted to take your prasadam at Vrinda Kunda! We firmly request you to please cooperate in this way!

We say by our lips “Mother Earth”, but our actions show that our hearts are very far away from this realization.

In service of Srimati Vrinda Devi,

Deena Bandhu Dasa